REVIEW: Beneath Ash and Bone by D. Alexander Ward

In the mood for something period, dark, and chilling? I might have just the thing for you…


Sheriff Sam Lock is a man who prides himself on his logical thinking and pragmatism, so different from his father who had been sheriff before him. But in the winter of 1860, when he is summoned to the Crownhill estate to investigate the report of a missing child, he has no idea how far from logic he’ll have to go to uncover the truth.

Beneath Ash and Bone begins with Sheriff Lock’s introduction to the Crownhills, a wealthy family whose power and prestige has set them apart from their neighbors, and kept their dark secrets safe for years. At the house known as Evermore, he meets Charlotte, the daughter of Horace Crownhill, and aunt of the missing child. As he begins the search for William, the missing boy, he attempts to ignore the burgeoning attraction he feels for Charlotte, and the disquiet he feels at Evermore.

The tale moves quickly from the mundane events of searching through a blizzard for William, to the strange and almost unbelievable things he finds in the plantation house itself. Hidden passageways lead to dark secrets tucked away in the attic, and to horrible truths long concealed in the past. Soon, Sheriff Lock must admit there is more to Evermore than meets the eye, and he’ll go through his own version of hell before solving the mysteries that brought him here.

Beneath Ash and Bone  by D. Alexander Ward is available at Amazon in Kindle or paperback. The writing is descriptive, the characters intriguing, and there are places in the story that genuinely gave me chills. At 172 pages, it’s a fairly quick read, but it will pull you in and drag you all the way to the end, never quite knowing if you’ll be able to escape.


Chiral Mad 3 now available!

This includes 2 of my poems, “Prescience” and “Arbitration” – I am so excited to be included in this stellar line-up!


CHIRAL MAD 3 cover

The highly-anticipated third volume in the award-winning and critically-acclaimed Chiral Mad series of psychological horror is now available! This marks the first anthology by Written Backwards as an imprint of Dark Regions Press.

Click the book cover above to order Chiral Mad 3 directly from Dark Regions Press in trade paperback, eBook, or to pre-order one of the 26 deluxe hardcover editions signed by everyone but King (these will go incredibly fast, so if you’re even thinking about ordering a copy, you should probably just order one). We may release this incredible book in hardback later down the road, but if you’re a collector, the signed/lettered deluxe edition will sell out quickly, so act fast.

You can also order a copy of the trade paperback or Ebook editions on Amazon.comChiral Mad 3 will also appear in various bookstores and libraries throughout the world, and wholesale pricing will be made available…

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What We Do For Love…

My flash fiction story “What We Do For Love” is now available over at Digital Fiction Pub. This is a reprint, appearing previously on the Kazka Press website, and at 69 Flavors of Paranoia, neither of which are still around. Some of you may have already read it, but for those who haven’t, it’s an odd little tale about the lengths we’ll go to for the one we love. Click on the link below.

Read it here.

Here’s to Women

Check out this blog from phenomenal editor and author A.J. Spedding.

Women in Horror – it’s not just for February.

Author, editor, caffeine-addict, wannabe ninja

I’ve been noticeably absent from my blog – not through choice but rather time constraints – I thought it fitting to return to it today. Just past Women in Horror Month, and it being International Women’s Day, what better time?

I am a woman working in horror, I am a woman writing horror, I am a woman raising a young woman… I am woman.  There are some, though, who don’t approve of that fantastic mix of women and horror (I’m not linking to any of that shite), and refuse to read any horror stories penned by women.  Hell, there are those who won’t read anything written by a woman, and while this might surprise some, it doesn’t surprise me – not in this world we find ourselves in.

Elitism exists in the publishing world, and has long-since been an issue for women who love the horror genre – those…

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SNAFU: Hunters from Cohesion Press

SNAFU Hunters draft

Editor A. J. Spedding has a guest post on Ragnarok Publication’s website about the newest SNAFU anthology released by Cohesion Press. She gives a bit of insight into each story, including my own The Bani Protocols

Go here to read the whole post.

Rose Blackthorn – Worthy Vessel Review

David Spell at The Scary Reviews was kind enough to read and review my novelette WORTHY VESSEL – hope you’ll all take a look!

You can buy it here.

The Scary Reviews

To Purchase Worthy Vessel Click Here

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Darragh Wrathe, is a fierce fighter, pirate and sorcerer and a man of few words.  He is on a personal quest having just arrived at the port of Blackwater with a slave and a chest of gold coins.  Wrathe wants to be a worthy vessel and this is his journey, but can a journey this all-encompassing be one he can conquer?  Will Wrathe have the strength and determination it will take?  Rose tells her story with the kind of writing I have loved since the first time I read her work, vividly described scenes that place you in the story, in her world, a world completely constructed.  Few words pass in the conversations between Wrathe and his slave Lorgan but you are fully still able to learn so much about them, this is…

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Year of the Zombie… plus, y’know, Halloween

This month has been crazy for new releases of which I’m a part. It’s almost serendipitous the way things have come together, seemingly by accident, to give me 6 different releases this October! So, I thought I’d take a moment to share them all here.

On October 12th, the HWA Poetry Showcase Volume II was released, including my poem A Part of You.

HWA Poetry Showcase Vol 2

October 21st was the date my tie-in novelette Worthy Vessel was released by Privateer Press/Skull Island.

Worthy Vessel cover

On October 22nd, Indie Authors Press released Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2015, in which I have three 100-word stories: Samhain Festival, Trick or Treat, and The Border Into Darkness.

Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2015

October 23rd brought Eyes of Prometheus Vol II, edited by Richard H Alan, and including my zombie tale Smoke and Memories.

Eyes of Prometheus II

Today, on October 28th, two different anthologies were released by different presses, both including a zombie tale by yours truly.

First, Corpus Deluxe Undead Tales of Terror from Indie Authors Press, which includes my story No Rest.

Corpus Deluxe_Undead Tales of Terror Vol I

Second, the long awaited and much anticipated Putrefying Stories from Stupefying Stories/Rampant Loon Press, edited by Bruce Bethke. This includes the 2nd-ever zombie story I wrote, and which has a lot of personal meaning, titled From Colorado.


So there they are. Quite impressive, if I do say so myself! I’m extremely proud and delighted to be involved with all of them. They’ve all got that horror vibe, perfect for the Halloween season.

So, if you’re looking for something scary, why not try one of these gems.