LAST CALL: Putrefying Stories & Theian Journal

All good things must come to an end, or in the case of these two books, reach the end of contract life and go out of print. Ergo, from right now until midnight on Sunday, January 5th, we are giving away the Kindle editions of two of our more interesting and eccentric experiments, THEIAN JOURNAL and PUTREFYING STORIES, free for the cost of a click.


• ADROIT, by David Williams
• TAKING A BREATHER, by Jean Davis
• A SCORPION WITHIN, by Alison Grifa Ismaili
• PLAINFIELD, NEW YORSEY: 2114, by Angele Ellis
• WHEN WE ARE WHOLE, by Gary Emmette Chandler


• FRUITING BODIES, by Eric Landreneau
• DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL, by Julie Frost
• FROM COLORADO, by Rose Blackthorn

You can get THEIAN JOURNAL here:


But you should get them soon, because come Monday morning, they’re gone forever.

The Sirens Call: Death Comes For Us All

The 48th issue of The Sirens Call eZine has been released! This includes my poem FOREVER MINE, drabble LEAVES, and flash fiction A CHILD NAMED SORROW.

Check it out at:
You can download it for free from the main page!

Contributors include: Featured artist, Kent Burles; featured author, Anthony Avina; authors and poets: Edward Ahern, Ysadora Alexander, Rebecca Anderson, Rose Blackthorn, Ryan Benson, F.J. Bergmann, N. M. Brown, Lesley-Ann Campbell, Ariana R. Cherry, Rachael Clarke, Suzanne Craig-Whytock, Willow Croft, Michael D. Davis, Radar DeBoard, John H. Dromey, E. N. De Choudens, Jessica Drake-Thomas, Alyson Faye, Ivanka Frankovic Fear, Greg Fewer, Stacy Fileccia, Ryan Garcia, Andrea Goyan, Alex Grey, Lucie Guerre, Robert W. Hazel, Timothy Robert Hosey, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Linda Imbler, Mathias Jansson, Roger Ley, Dan McKeithan, Richard Meldrum, Damascus Mincemeyer, Michael J Moore, Elizabeth Nettleton, Nichole L. Nevel-Steighner, Alexandra Ott, Shelly Redd, Ethan Robles, Chrissie Rohrman, Rich Rurshell, Kane Salzer, Amber M. Simpson – Author, Elizabeth H. Smith, Meg Smith, Shawn D. Standfast, Gregg Steighner, Andy Swindells, Sonora Taylor, Tabitha Thompson, DJ Tyrer, Elizabeth H. Smith, Eliana Vanessa, Lynn White, Sheri White, Pauline Yates, and Maura Yzmore. And always, the SCP team who work tirelessly at keeping the eZine going: Gloria Bobrowicz, Erin Lydia Prime, Lee A. Forman, and Nina D’Arcangela.

WATERLESS at the NoSleep Podcast

NoSleep Podcast S13Ep06 Waterless
Jeff Clement narrates and produces “Waterless” by Rose Blackthorn, Author in S13E06 of @NosleepPodcast! Joining him are the incredible talents of Mike DelGaudio, Peter Lewis, & Jessica McEvoy with a great synth score by Brandon Boone.

NoSleep Podcast

Season 13 plays tricks with episode 06. We have tales about those things fun and frivolous and frightening.

Mind the gap.×06

(Art courtesy of @mark_pelham on IG)



Rose Blackthorn – Beautiful, Broken Things Review

David Spell at The Scary Reviews just posted this wonderful review – Check out the review, and I hope you’ll check out my collection Beautiful, Broken Things as well!

The Scary Reviews

Genre: Horror
Length: 262 Pages
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Release date: May 23, 2018
Synopsis: Travel to the shores of an alien sea where the search for pearls may cost more than expected. Experience the early days of Viking exploration to the New World, and learn why they didn’t stay. Meet those things that hide in the darkness of attic rooms, the shadows beyond the fenced-in yard, the narrow confines of the kitchen pipes, or even right out in the open beneath a warm summer sun. Learn to be wary of lost children, the kindness of strangers, or even the promises of those you trust. Enjoy the beauty of the sea, the lush growth of greenhouse roses, the love and longing of family, and even the fondness of old memories.

“Broken things can be useful, even beautiful…” But they can also be dangerous.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest…

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