Review of Seal Team 666, by Geno Mortensen

Seal Team 666 by Weston Ochse, reviewed by Geno Mortensen

I have a personally autographed copy of Seal Team 666 by Weston Ochse. I have read it once and I know that a review of it would be a great thing to do. This will not be an easy thing for me to do.
When I read the book, I got lost in the story. What I mean to say is, I felt like I was a part of the story. The things that were happening were going on around me. I was not just an observer. I was part of the fun and, sadly enough, confusion and chaos. There were times when I didn’t know the lingo that was being used, but it was explained to me.
Overall, I would recommend this book very highly to anyone. Especially anyone who has any kind of a military background.

Seal Team 666 is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound.

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Another great review for Equilibrium Overturned…

THE HORROR BOOKSHELF just posted a wonderful review for the Grey Matter Press anthology Equilibrium Overturned.



EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED is the newest anthology from the stellar team at Grey Matter Press and focuses on stories that are a blend of horror, science fiction and dark fantasy… Choosing a favorite from this anthology is almost impossible.

“I have been raving about Grey Matter Press’ books for a while now on The Horror Bookshelf and that trend will continue with EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED. Grey Matter Press is hands down one of the best publishers of dark fiction and the quality of their books makes each one of them an absolute must-own.”

The reviewer goes on to single out some favorites, including “The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder” by Jeff Hemenway, “Martial Law” by JG Faherty, “Through the Ghostlands” by Rose Blackthorn, “Wombie” by Martin Slag, “The Alamo Incident” by Sean Eads and “Sunrise” by Tony Knighton.

Read the complete review at THE HORROR BOOKSHELF. And leave them a comment, sharing your thoughts.

All the contributors to EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED deserve the credit for this, the fifth bestselling volume of horror from Grey Matter Press in less than ten months. They include Jeff Hemenway, John Everson, JG Faherty, Rose Blackthorn, Geoffrey W. Cole, S.G. Larner, Martin Slag, Roger Jackson, Sean Eads,Stephen Vessels, Jay Caselberg, Tim Waggoner, Josh Vogt and Tony Knighton.

Equilibrium Overturned – New 5 Star Review at Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent as always!, July 15, 2014
This review is from: Equilibrium Overturned: The Heart of Darkness Awaits (Kindle Edition)
Equilibrium Overturned is another fine release from Grey Matter Press.  The opening story ‘The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder‘ sets the perfect tone for this book.  This story really turns you upside down, followed by Amnion which is a fantastic tale of the search for the fountain of youth.  Martial Law is chilling tale with a great twist to the usual Zombie fare.  One of my favorites is Through the Ghostlands by Rose Blackthorn.  She paints a chilling and bleak landscape and writes a great story.  The Collected Sylvia, Volumes 1 to 1388 is really unique and fun.  These five stories comprise the first third of Equilibrium Overturned and set the book off to an incredible start…
Check out the whole review here.

FEAR: Of the Dark now available from Sirens Call Publications

FEAR of the Dark

FEAR: Of the Dark

What makes your skin tingle? What makes you look over your shoulder sure that something is lurking there? What ratchets your tension level up  so high that nothing matters more than what comes next on the page?

The answers to those questions are the ones we sought when we put together this collection of nine stories. Inside these pages you’ll find fear that engages, fear that provokes, fear that drives you to the brink of… Well, everyone has a different precipice when it comes to fear, but the stories selected for FEAR: Of the Dark certainly held our attention.

If you truly enjoy a well written story that engages the senses and prompts anxiety and paranoia, FEAR: Of the Dark may be the perfect collection of short stories for you. And in case you were wondering, it is waiting for you, out there – somewhere; you just don’t know it yet.


Contributing Authors:

Rose Blackthorn, Juan J. Gutiérrez, Jovan Jones, Lars Kramhøft, Lisamarie Lamb, Jon Olson, Zachary O’Shea, Jon Steinhagen, and Alex Woolf


Available for Purchase at:


US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Brazil | India



New 5-star Review for THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE

The Ghost IS the Machine updated

Quinn Cullen, the Director of Romance at Visionary Press Cooperative, has written a five-star review of THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE, a book of steampunk-inspired ghost stories from Post Mortem Press which includes my tale Eidiss.

In her review, Cullen states, “Bravo! I’ve read many anthologies but this is the only one I’ve read and been totally captivated by each story. My absolute favorite is Eidiss written by Rose Blackthorn, followed closely by Photo Finish written by Rob Smales. I commend each author for their excellent contributions.”

If you haven’t taken the time to read this wonderful collection of spooky stories, then now is a great time to remedy that. It’s available in paperback and e-book from Amazon.

HWA Poetry Showcase Volume 1 now available…

HWA Poetry Showcase Vol 1

The Horror Writers Association is proud to announce our first Poetry book. Edited by Peter Salomon, it features the best poems submitted during our first annual Horror Poetry month; each poet was paid HWA’s mandated professional minimum rate for a poem. We are proud of our significant support for this form of horror writing, which also includes a dedicated section of our website,

This anthology of poetry includes my poem Enamored in Darkness. This is a digital version only, available at Amazon.