Vignettes from the End of the World

…including my story Heartwood

Vignettes from the End of the World

This is how the world ends.
This is how the world ends.
This is how the world ends.
Not in a bang, but in a book.

58 flash fiction stories of the final hours. Passion, pain and horror of the end of days, all in short vignettes.

Featuring stories from:

Christine Morga, Essel Pratt, Cameron Suey, T. Fox Dunham, Guy Anthony De Marco, Mandy DeGeit, Jessica McHugh, Kristopher Kelly, E. Catherine Tobler, Jamie Lackey, George Cotronis, William R.D. Wood, Lee Clark Zumpe, Lincoln Crisler, Eryk Pruitt, Michael H. Antonio, Kallirroe Agelopoulou, Steve Calvert, Rebecca J. Allred, Darcie Little Badger, Erik B. Scott, Terry M. West, Glenn Rolfe, Josh Strnad, J.A. Martin, Darryl Dawson, DJ Tyrer, Joana Eça de Queiroz, Lex T. Lindsay, Arno Hurter, Cameron Shifflet, J.P. Freeman, Marie DesJardin, Dusty Wallace, Doug Murano, Ken MacGregor, Victoria Dalpe, Kelda Crich, Pedro Iniguez, Joey Capora, S.R. Mastrantone, Damir Salkovic, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Jason Sharp, Leslianne Wilder, Jennifer Loring, Bryce Hughes, L.C. Mortimer, Rebecca Barbee, E. E. King, David Turnbull, Richard Thomas, Rose Blackthorn, K.Z. Morano, Adrian Ludens, Kenneth W. Cain, Michael Haynes, Michael Penkas

Now available in print and Kindle from Amazon


Jamais Vu Spring 2014/Issue #2 now available!

Jamais Vu Spring 2014

Now available from Amazon, make sure to go order this! Original short fiction from Jack Ketchum, Steven Wolf, Billie Sue Mosiman, Brad Carter, Lucy A Snyder and William D Carl; poetry from Moi (see what I did there? ), Michael Bailey, Stephanie Wytovich and Vincenzo Bilof. Don’t wait, you should go get it right now!


Valedictorian – Steven Wolf
Long Lonely Empty Road – Billie Sue Mosiman
How the Sasquatch Mourn Its Dead – Brad Carter
Oldies – Jack Ketchum
Functionality – Lucy A. Snyder
Karmic Interventions – William D. Carl

Inevitable as the Incoming Tide – Rose Blackthorn
Ink – Michael Bailey
Ballet of Knives – Stephanie Wytovich
Compassion of Erebus – Vincenzo Bilof

Velocerapture: The Rise of Monster Porn – Alexandra Christian
Scary and the Hendersons: Bobcat Goldthwait talks Bigfoot and Found Footage Films – Jessica Dwyer
On Meeting Chuck Palahnuik – Lucy A. Snyder
Fitting the Strange into the Familiar: Q&A with Jonathan Maberry – Paul Anderson

Vanguard of the New Weird – a review of Jeff VanderMeer’s ANNIHILATION – Paul Anderson
When Fairy Tales Attack – a review of Brom’s KRAMPUS THE YULE LORD – Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

The Legend of Boggy Creek – Jessica Dwyer
Let’s Talk about Strange – Eric Beebe
Who Killed Teddy Bear? – William D. Carl
We Are What We Are – James Newman

The Art, Mystery, and Madness of Lydia Burris
I Had a Thought Today … – Harlan Ellison®
Whiskey Rebellion – Jon Towers
RE: Animated – Kenneth W. Cain

Paperback and Kindle versions both now available.