Rose Blackthorn – Worthy Vessel Review

David Spell at The Scary Reviews was kind enough to read and review my novelette WORTHY VESSEL – hope you’ll all take a look!

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The Scary Reviews

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Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Darragh Wrathe, is a fierce fighter, pirate and sorcerer and a man of few words.  He is on a personal quest having just arrived at the port of Blackwater with a slave and a chest of gold coins.  Wrathe wants to be a worthy vessel and this is his journey, but can a journey this all-encompassing be one he can conquer?  Will Wrathe have the strength and determination it will take?  Rose tells her story with the kind of writing I have loved since the first time I read her work, vividly described scenes that place you in the story, in her world, a world completely constructed.  Few words pass in the conversations between Wrathe and his slave Lorgan but you are fully still able to learn so much about them, this is…

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