From Beyond the Grave from Grinning Skull Press

From Beyond the Grave

Now available from Grinning Skull Press, the ghostly anthology

FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE including my story “From the Depths”.


From the Depths — Rose Blackthorn
The Chambermaid’s Secret — Adam Millard
Tears of Heaven — Brent Abell
Ectoplasm — Scott M. Goriscak
Progress — Jay Wilburn
Cold Calling — LisaMarie Lamb
Face in the Window — Mark Leslie and Carol Weekes
Phantom Chasers — David North-Martino
Haunt — Jeffrey Kosh
Fourth Gable from the Right — Robert W. Walker
Spiritus Ex Machina — Nelson W. Pyles
Adverse Possession — Marianne Halbert
Out of the Corner of His Eye — Gordon Anthony Bean
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine — Edward J. McFadden
Luck is No Longer a Lady — Jeffrey C. Pettengill
In a Lonely Place — Cynthia Ward
The Suitcase — Michael Thomas-Knight
Late One Night at the Local Radio Station, circa 1984 — Tim J. Finn
It All Comes Around in the End — Jennifer Word

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