What We Do For Love…

My flash fiction story “What We Do For Love” is now available over at Digital Fiction Pub. This is a reprint, appearing previously on the Kazka Press website, and at 69 Flavors of Paranoia, neither of which are still around. Some of you may have already read it, but for those who haven’t, it’s an odd little tale about the lengths we’ll go to for the one we love. Click on the link below.

Read it here.

Here’s to Women

Check out this blog from phenomenal editor and author A.J. Spedding.

Women in Horror – it’s not just for February.

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I’ve been noticeably absent from my blog – not through choice but rather time constraints – I thought it fitting to return to it today. Just past Women in Horror Month, and it being International Women’s Day, what better time?

I am a woman working in horror, I am a woman writing horror, I am a woman raising a young woman… I am woman.  There are some, though, who don’t approve of that fantastic mix of women and horror (I’m not linking to any of that shite), and refuse to read any horror stories penned by women.  Hell, there are those who won’t read anything written by a woman, and while this might surprise some, it doesn’t surprise me – not in this world we find ourselves in.

Elitism exists in the publishing world, and has long-since been an issue for women who love the horror genre – those…

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