SHIFTERS charity anthology… now available

Shifters charity anthology

Now available from Hazardous Press, including my story “Coming of Age”.

Just released in paperback and for Kindle, Shifters: A Charity Shapeshifter Anthology. Reimagined fairy tales, western skinwalker legends come to life, scorching erotica, And of course, werewolves!

39 stories by David Wellington, Jay Wilburn, Aaron Gudmunson, Dane Hatchell, D. Alexander Ward, Mandy DeGeit, Doug Murano, Kris Freestone, Adam Millard, Brent Nichols, Cameron Suey, Tara Fox Hall, Christian A. Larsen, Rose Blackthorn, Terry Alexander, Steve Voelker, Max Booth III, Matthew Wilson, Beryl Knight, Lisamarie Lamb, Chantal Boudreau, Dana Wright, Lori Michelle, Rie Sheridan Rose, Dawn Napier, Jen White, Cameron Johnston, E.L. Kemper, Amanda Pillar, Jonah Buck, Emma Whitehall, Christine Morgan, Susannah Carlson, Robin Deffendall, Tracie McBride, and Erzabet Bishop.

Cover art by Glenn Chadbourne, back cover art by Diana Whiley, interior illustrations by Kris Freestone and Leia Napier.

All of our proceeds from this anthology will benefit the American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue Team, which provides disaster response services for pets and domestic animals.

Available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions:

Another 100 Horrors… now available


Now available from Cruentus Libri Press,

ANOTHER 100 HORRORS including my story “Dog Days”.

An anthology of one hundred 100-word flash stories by the following:

Black Talbot by Paul Chown
Abductia by Andrés Abel
In the End was the Word by Gary B. Phillips
Messages from Ourselves by James Bojaciuk
Old Friend by Niccolo Skill
Creative by Ryan Tandy
Night Terror by Teresa Hawk
Kill Your Gods by Allen Ashley
Together Forever by M. Thomas Smith
Sweet Dreams by Aaron Z. Hawkins
Curiosity Piqued by Allan Kalupar
All-Star by Dan Larnerd
National Rip-off by Alex Grover
Tap Door Run by Mark Smith
Seeker in the Dark by Brandon Barrows
Meat Race by Nicky Peacock
His Heart by Vivian Caethe
Th Hunt by Essel Pratt
The Backseat Check by Michael E. Grant
The Fort by C.J. Meirick
Walking to the Store by Keith Deininger
The Lost Limb by Jay Esou
Plumber by Chris Blinn
White Collar Necropolis by Christopher Cornell
No Light in the Attic by the Word Rummager
Drink by Dawn Nikithser
Riders on the Storm by Dorothy Davies
Dark Glass by Gary Budgen
Winter of Abomination by Mark Lewis
Black Mantle by Justin Powell
The Temple by McKynzie Bair
The Last Tattoo by Ross Baxter
Endlessly Falling by David Turnbull
Cuts by Irvine Harker
Intervention by Robert Laseur
Dear Devil by Teddy Vork
Hide-and-Seek by Erin Cole
The Asylum of the Dead by Jaimie M. Engle
The Boarder by Kathy Ferrell
Clockwork Offal by Stephen Kozeniewski
What Lies Beneath by Jerry Scarbrough
After The Slaughter by Julie R Kendrick
Water Is My Home by Tiffany A. Robbins
Man-na by Sharla Anderson
Night Walk by John Kujawski
Birth by L.R. Bonehill
Shackles by Dan Howarth
Kage by Chad Case
On Reflection by C. C. Adams
Endless Loop by Christopher Shultz
Sister Knows Best by Kevin G. Bufton
Tears of Blood by Val Gryphin
Habit by Dirky Henkel
A Change Too Far by Adam Millard
100 Worries by Shaun Avery
Mr Whippy by David Marr
Miss Ham and Eggar by Lance Manion
Dog Days by Rose Blackthorn
Mouse in the House – Cara S. Cobb
The Hunter by K. Trap Jones
FLURG by Ken Goldman
Dead Man’s Chest by Scott L. Vannatter
Meeting the Family by Jennifer Mccullah
The Problem with Magick by David J. West
Tiny Gifts by Matt Kurtz
The Standing Appointment by R.Y. Brockway
Greed by Paul S. Huggins
Schrödinger’s Mistress by Phil Ambler
While You Sleep by Bruce L. Priddy
Closer by Chris Yodice
Asylum by Oonah V Joslin
Dress Up by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
One Last Dance by Paco
Knock Out by Kristal Stittle
The Witch’s Dilemma by David Edward Nell
The Bridge by Angela Pritchett
In Deep by Sheri White
Giggles by Gabino Iglesias
The Little Fat Man’s Curiosity by Stuart Conover
Self by Jay Wilburn
Breaking Free by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
Arachne by Matt Moody
Rye by Joshua Rupp
Jerky by Allen Jacoby
Feast by Mark Slade
Shipwreck by Cameron Suey
Effort Number Eighty-Seven by Nathan Robinson
Howl by Angel Zapata
Sacred Vows by Jon McAchren
Corpse Mother by J. Rodimus Fowler
The Hose by Tim Tobin
Bruise by TJ Oneal Antley
Victim #93 by Rocky Alexander
Snap by Kerry G.S. Lipp
Strange Noises by Lisamarie Lamb
Severance Package by Cameron Johnston
Procession by A.R. Aston
Mummy by Jonathan Ward
Stuck by David Williamson
One Hundred Pairs of Eyes by Jillian Robinson

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Coming Soon… Eulogies II: Tales from the Cellar


“These editors  really know their stuff.  Many of the writers here are new to me, and  that’s good.  Because they’re so good.  These are fresh, diverse, vibrant voices, strong enough to  more than contend with the powerful old hands in attendance.  The Stoker  Awards need to take a long, hard look at EULOGIES II.  And so do you.”                         –Jack Ketchum

“…here, for your enjoyment, are thirty-two terrific tomes of horror,  thirty-two trips into the Cellar of the Mind by way of time, place, and circumstance.  Don’t bother taking a candle with you. These authors will cheerfully blow it out  for you, and then watch for you in the darkness.

– Elizabeth  Massie