DREAD: A Head Full of Bad Dreams (The Best of Grey Matter Press) (Volume 1)

Dread paperback cover

DREAD: A Head Full of Bad Dreams features the work of award-winning authors and masters from the horror, science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction genres. The anthology is also unique in that each of the short stories were chosen solely by fans of genre fiction.

As an anniversary present to its readers, the publisher handed over editorial decision making forDREAD to its fans who, last year, selected twenty of their favorite stories published by Grey Matter Press during its first year.

“Readers who embrace darkness are souls of conscience with hearts of passion and voices that deserve to be heard,” said publisher Anthony Rivera in a special Introduction penned for the volume. “It’s from this group of passionate voices that the nightmares in DREAD were born. Turning over the reins of editorial curation for this volume to the readers who matter most may well have been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

DREAD contains nightmares from New York Times bestselling author and multiple Bram Stoker Award® winner Jonathan Maberry; Grand Master of Horror Award winner Ray Garton; Stoker award recipients John Everson and JG Faherty, and nominees Michael Laimo and John F.D. Taff; Shirley Jackson Award nominee Tim Waggoner; Pushcart and Rhysling awards nominee Edward Morris; Nightmare Award winner Trent Zelazny; and leading fiction authors Bracken MacLeod, William Meikle, John C. Foster, T. Fox Dunham, Rose Blackthorn, Chad McKee, Martin Rose, Jane Brooks, Peter Whitley, J. Daniel Stone and Jonathan Balog.

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