New Dawn Fades anthology

New Dawn Fades cover image

My short story “The Promise” is scheduled to be published in this anthology by Post Mortem Press to be released late 2011/early 2012



I’ve been on this thing lately, where I keep bouncing from project to idea to genre with no rhyme or reason. I’ve been coming up with some good ideas, writing some stories (mostly flash) that I would never have written if I wasn’t “ping-pong writing”… But I’m getting a bit frustrated with myself, because I’m not making any noticable headway in any one direction.
I’ve got a series of 3 novels gathering virtual dust in my laptop, a dozen speculative short stories that with a bit of editing and polishing might be worth submitting for publication, and I honestly don’t know where to start.
I’m not a huge proponent of astrology, but according to my sign I’m supposed to be an organizer… where did that go?

I’m back…

Okay, it’s been long enough since I’ve posted on here, I couldn’t even remember how to sign in!
Bad bad bad…

Anyway, been busy. Moved a couple of times, got a puppy, buying a house, unpacking (yet again!)

Just got word that one of my shorts is getting published in a zombie anthology (yay! more on that later…)

Having a bunch of fun doing flash fiction on Shock Totem’s forum, and learning that sometimes less is more.

Making a decision to spend more time here, because communication is a good thing 🙂

Its been one of those days – actually a few days – where I’ve got all these amorphous ideas running through my mind at the most inconvenient times… and no time to actually sit down and work on them.  Sometimes I wish I had a DVR (I guess that would be MVR? – Mind Video Recorder) to save all this stuff so I could get back to it when I actually have a few minutes.

Someone want to go ahead and invent that?  I’ll take the prototype…