The Pedestal Magazine #76 now available

“Visitor” by Jim Painter. © Jim Painter, 2015

The Pedestal Magazine issue #76 is now available here. The poetry for this issue was selected and edited by Bruce Boston and Marge Simon, and includes my poem Time Capsule.

Poetry table of contents:
Diana Smith Bolton – Lewis Carroll Knew My Family: A Series
Ken Poyner – Miracles
Ross Wilcox – Critique of Car Accident Art Museum
Stephen Toskar – Lunar Eclipse by the Chitose River, December 10, 2011
Mack W. Mani – And then the stars…
Rose Blackthorn – Time Capsule
Andrew Pidoux – Tourists Do Not Touch the God
Steven Ratiner – Venetian Red
Christina Zawadiwsky – Tether
Charles Gramlich – Gaunt
Frederick Pollack – The Dark Side of The Force in Relation to Art
Richard Bruns – Whatever Happened to Scott Carey?
John Philip Johnson – Selenites
Linda Rodriguez – Crow Mother
Fred R. Kane – Schizophrenic Conversation at the Four Winds Bar
Gary Singh – Analog Reincarnation
Daniel Ausema – The Alien Ruins
Dane Cervine – Copernicus
Gabrielle Bates – Flyology

About Pedestal:
Based in Charlotte, NC, launched its first bimonthly issue on the winter solstice, December 21, 2000. In July 2001 an online art gallery was added, showcasing original works of art from artists around the world. The Pedestal Magazine is the vision of published writer and entrepreneur John Amen. Mr. Amen’s mission for the magazine is to publish a premier literary journal, exclusively online, featuring new and established writers and visual artists. Many bimonthly issues include in-depth interviews with a featured writer and visual artist, along with examples of their work, as well as poetry, fiction, and non- fiction from writers around the world. In July 2003 the magazine began publishing select book reviews. Additional features include the bookstore and the forum.

The goal of The Pedestal Magazine is to provide a platform for authors and literary critics to publish work and stimulate thought and discussion. Published in each issue are 15-20 works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and book reviews from writers around the world. All published writers are paid professional rates.


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