A Forest of Dreams now available…

A Forest of Dreams antho

Twenty established and up and coming fantasy writers, all members of the Fantastic Fantasy Writers Facebook Page, stretch their creative muses with 19 highly creative tales ranging from non-traditional dragons to mud maidens to a two headed centaur. Here imagination knows no bounds!

Table of Contents:

The Trouble with Dragons by Allan B Anderson

When Darkness Falls, the Light by Rose Blackthorn

Trespassers by Cynthia Booth and Roy C Booth

The Bell by Dave de Burgh

Runaway Clydesdale by Jesse Duckworth

Songs for Dead Hearts by Mani Fdn

Accounting for Change by Jan Goeb

Dancing Doll by R A M Graham

Squire Williams’ New Charge by Rick Hipps

Mudwife by Axel Kohagen and Roy C Booth

Only a Nightmare by R Scott McCoy

Dragon Toast by Verna McKinnon

Intrepid Dawn by Angela Meadon

All the Leaves Your Bed by Michael Merriam

The Last Unicorn by Druscilla Morgan

King Kong Died for Your Sins by James Pratt

Weapon of Mass Demoralization Test by Dyfedd Rex

Jack’s Day Out by Maggie Secara

In the Weft by Damisen Shentay

Currently available in paperback, soon to be available in Kindle. Go here to order.


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