Ways Not to Start Your Morning… #37

Awakened by the dogs at 5:45 am, insistent that they must go out right now. Stumble to the back door, let them out. 5 minutes later, Boo-dog comes back in. No sign of Lil Bit. Return to the back door to find him pacing on the deck (he never does that). After a few reps, he sees me through the glass and comes in. It smells very skunky suddenly. And that’s when I realize the smell is coming from Lil Bit.

After chasing him down the hall and shooing him off my bed (where he has decided to try and rub the smell off on my blankets) I catch him and give him a bath. (He didn’t get sprayed by a skunk, thankyouthankyou, more like he found where one sprayed and kind of just strolled through the aftermath.) Freshly washed, towel dried (and air-dried from chasing him around with the towel) and I can finally go back to bed about 6:30. With a damp, restless furball curled up next to me.

Epilogue: finally dragged butt out of bed about quarter after 9, and went to put his collar back on… should’ve washed it this morning, too. Pee-yew!


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