Another great review for Equilibrium Overturned…

THE HORROR BOOKSHELF just posted a wonderful review for the Grey Matter Press anthology Equilibrium Overturned.



EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED is the newest anthology from the stellar team at Grey Matter Press and focuses on stories that are a blend of horror, science fiction and dark fantasy… Choosing a favorite from this anthology is almost impossible.

“I have been raving about Grey Matter Press’ books for a while now on The Horror Bookshelf and that trend will continue with EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED. Grey Matter Press is hands down one of the best publishers of dark fiction and the quality of their books makes each one of them an absolute must-own.”

The reviewer goes on to single out some favorites, including “The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder” by Jeff Hemenway, “Martial Law” by JG Faherty, “Through the Ghostlands” by Rose Blackthorn, “Wombie” by Martin Slag, “The Alamo Incident” by Sean Eads and “Sunrise” by Tony Knighton.

Read the complete review at THE HORROR BOOKSHELF. And leave them a comment, sharing your thoughts.

All the contributors to EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED deserve the credit for this, the fifth bestselling volume of horror from Grey Matter Press in less than ten months. They include Jeff Hemenway, John Everson, JG Faherty, Rose Blackthorn, Geoffrey W. Cole, S.G. Larner, Martin Slag, Roger Jackson, Sean Eads,Stephen Vessels, Jay Caselberg, Tim Waggoner, Josh Vogt and Tony Knighton.

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