Coming soon… Equilibrium Overturned

Equilibrium Overturned, Horror and Science Fiction anthology from Grey Matter Press




“The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder” by Jeff Hemenway – In the near future, prisons will be run by the shadowy governmental program known as Sandman, in which convicts are forced to serve out life sentences in a drug-induced coma. Utilizing a tenuous psychic link, one investigator takes a dangerous journey into the mind of a serial killer to uncover the details of a murder. What he reveals has terrifying repercussions for all of humanity.

“Amnion” by John Everson – In a world where youth and beauty is valued above all else, a brilliant scientist attempting to develop a modern day fountain of youth will stop at nothing to test his groundbreaking theories. The results of his work have dire consequences for his life and for those closest to him.

“Martial Law” by JG Faherty – Mysterious invaders have overtaken a small town without warning. The residents quickly realize this is not an isolated incident, but that the United States has been thrown into chaos as the attackers turn the streets into rivers of blood. Trapped inside an ice-cream parlor, a group of neighbors struggle to come to grips with the terrifying events taking place on Main Street.

“Through the Ghostlands” by Rose Blackthorn – Three survivors of a devastating global calamity making their way through a dead world are searching for what remains of civilization. While nothing lives on land, in the ocean or in the sky, they are far from alone. Pursued by a menacing supernatural force, the trio learns they must put their differences aside to ensure their mutual safety.

“The Collected Sylvia, Volumes 1 to 1388” by Geoffrey W. Cole – Sylvia is apprehensive about the new planet to which she and her husband, Dorian, have traveled. A routine scouting mission to the surface, results in the damage of their landing craft, threatening to maroon the couple on a forbidding alien world. Unwilling to give up hope against terrifying odds, Dorian will go to terrible lengths to ensure their return.

“Perfect Soldiers” by S.G. Larner – The rift between this world and the one beyond has been ripped open, and a terrifying evil from the other side is gaining momentum by feeding off the hatred and fear of humankind. With a dwindling number of available soldiers, the armies of Earth are forced to resort to unspeakable measures to fight what may be the war to end all wars.

“Wombie” by Martin Slag – A small-town veterinarian is horrified at the gruesome sight of his new patient, an animal given as a gift to a little girl by her disturbed uncle. The doctor is shocked when he confirms the species and is overcome with fear for his community when he uncovers a hidden agenda far greater than anything he’s ever imagined.

“No-Man’s Land” by Roger Jackson – A regiment of English soldiers under siege from the onslaught of the Nazi war machine struggle to maintain their composure and win the battle. But while mortars rain down from the darkened skies overhead, their commanding officer decides to take fate into his own hands. Soon a horror far more terrifying than the war itself overtakes the shattered platoon.

“The Alamo Incident: From the Chronicles of Timeaus Shields” by Sean Eads – History is not without its whitewashing, including what may have occurred in the battle for the Alamo. In a West that’s known as wild for a reason, Timeaus Shields is assigned to investigate the force that’s been eradicating the soldiers stationed at the legendary outpost. What he learns shines an all-new light into the darkness of Manifest Destiny.

“The Butcher of Gad Street” by Stephen T. Vessels – Acrid has always believed he was put on Earth to serve a special, yet elusive, purpose. This role is finally realized when a citywide riot sparks a dark adventure that threatens to undermine society as he pursues the evil forces responsible, ultimately revealing his life’s purpose in an allegorical tale that examines the horrifying nature of mankind.

“Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium” by Josh R. Vogt – The organization Immortalis is dedicated to eliminating death throughout the galaxy. But a resistance fighter, believing death should continue as the powerful cleansing force it is, has other plans. Taking her quest to the wreckage of a derelict intergalactic battleship haunted by the ghosts of war, she seeks to breathe new life into old death.

“Compartmental” by Jay Caselberg – Humans are made up of small pieces of knowledge, echoes of past experiences and fragments of old memories, all of which we routinely secure in tightly closed boxes and file away in the darkened corners of our mind. What happens when these confined remnants escape from their compartments and bleed into the others creates an unimaginable psychological nightmare.

“This is Not a Horror Story” by Tim Waggoner – A visit to the DMV is always an uncomfortable task, but for one young woman it becomes a journey into her own private terror. Living in a surveillance state run amok, the woman is soon horrified to learn that governmental computers reveal far more about her activities than just her driving record.

“Sunrise” by Tony Knighton – Marty can’t breathe and needs serious medical attention. But a trip to the hospital in a decaying city rife with corruption and strangled by environmental hazards is far more dangerous than it should be. Forced to battle oppressive protocol, a callous healthcare system and black market criminals, a father faces insurmountable odds to save the only life that matters—that of his dying son.


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