Jamais Vu Spring 2014/Issue #2 now available!

Jamais Vu Spring 2014

Now available from Amazon, make sure to go order this! Original short fiction from Jack Ketchum, Steven Wolf, Billie Sue Mosiman, Brad Carter, Lucy A Snyder and William D Carl; poetry from Moi (see what I did there? ), Michael Bailey, Stephanie Wytovich and Vincenzo Bilof. Don’t wait, you should go get it right now!


Valedictorian – Steven Wolf
Long Lonely Empty Road – Billie Sue Mosiman
How the Sasquatch Mourn Its Dead – Brad Carter
Oldies – Jack Ketchum
Functionality – Lucy A. Snyder
Karmic Interventions – William D. Carl

Inevitable as the Incoming Tide – Rose Blackthorn
Ink – Michael Bailey
Ballet of Knives – Stephanie Wytovich
Compassion of Erebus – Vincenzo Bilof

Velocerapture: The Rise of Monster Porn – Alexandra Christian
Scary and the Hendersons: Bobcat Goldthwait talks Bigfoot and Found Footage Films – Jessica Dwyer
On Meeting Chuck Palahnuik – Lucy A. Snyder
Fitting the Strange into the Familiar: Q&A with Jonathan Maberry – Paul Anderson

Vanguard of the New Weird – a review of Jeff VanderMeer’s ANNIHILATION – Paul Anderson
When Fairy Tales Attack – a review of Brom’s KRAMPUS THE YULE LORD – Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

The Legend of Boggy Creek – Jessica Dwyer
Let’s Talk about Strange – Eric Beebe
Who Killed Teddy Bear? – William D. Carl
We Are What We Are – James Newman

The Art, Mystery, and Madness of Lydia Burris
I Had a Thought Today … – Harlan Ellison®
Whiskey Rebellion – Jon Towers
RE: Animated – Kenneth W. Cain

Paperback and Kindle versions both now available.


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