Genre-Bending: When High Fantasy Becomes a Horror Story

Like horror? Like fantasy? How about blending the two? I certainly do…
I have an article over at Shock Totem‘s blog regarding just that! Take a few minutes and go check it out.


One thought on “Genre-Bending: When High Fantasy Becomes a Horror Story”

  1. This brings into question: where is the line between dark fantasy and a fantasy/horror blend? Or do you consider them the same? “The Soul in the Bell Jar,” a novelette by KJ Kabza published in the Nov-Dec 2013 issue of The Mag of F&SF, is tough to peg down. I personally like genre and subgenre labels, so I had a bit of a dilemma when I tried to blurb it on Twitter and my blog. I finally went with “A brilliant blend of dark fantasy and horror through a cross of stained glass and translucent prose.” It’s not quite horror, but it’s definitely dark fantasy.

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