Blood and Roses – an anthology from Scarlett River Press

Blood and Roses anthology


Includes my story A THING OF BEAUTY

Now available to order from Smashwords at the following link:

Soon to be available to order from Amazon, I’ll post the link when I get it!

Table of Contents as follows:

1.      Blood Red Tinted Lip Moisturizer Stain, by J. Peter Nicholas & Roy C. Booth

2.      Snapshot, by Patrick Freivald

3.      A Thing of Beauty, by Rose Blackthorn

4.      Atrium, by D.L. Turpin

5.      Caleb’s Chair, by Sharyn Lilley

6.      Love Really Bites, by Chris Nigro

7.      Growth, by Aurora Linnea

8.      For the Children, by Tarl Hoch

9.      And You Will Know Her by the Morning Light, by Chuck Augello

10.  Punctured Vein, by Eric Tucker

11.  Submission Games, by Megan Dorei

12.  Insane Affection, by Rita Dinis

13.  First Date, by Doree Weller

14.  A Night at the Disco, by Sergio Palumbo

15.  The Fairy Child, by Gwendolyn Edward

16.  The River of Lethe, by Kate Monroe

17.  Here Happiness, by Roy C. Booth & R. Thomas Riley

18.  Double Exposure, by Kay Brooks

19.  Immaculate Conversion, by Kerry Lipp

20.  Every Rose has its Thorn, by Katherine Tomlinson

21.  Magdalene, by C.J. Waller

22.  Scarlet Lady and the Silver Rose, by Naching Kassa

23.  Dying the Roses Red, by Michael Shimek



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