Barnyard Horror

Now available from JWK Fiction,

BARNYARD HORROR including my story “Harvest of Night Seeds”.


“Chicken”                                              L.A Spooner 6
The farmer                                            Mathias Jansson 7
The corn field                                       Mathias Jansson 8
The Day of the Chickens: An Allegory           Holly Elliott 9
Satin’s Scarecrow                                David A. Frazier 10
Cannibal Chickens                              David A. Frazier 11
Jimmy’s Farm                                       David A. Frazier 12
Jimmy’s Farm                                       David A. Frazier 13
Farmer Jones Barn                              David A. Frazier 14
The Farmers Revenge                         David S. Pointer 15
University Degree Applied David S. Pointer 16
Those Family Farm Dinners              David S. Pointer 17
Merle’s Place                                         David S. Pointer 18
Home from Home                                Matthew Wilson 20
The spider box                                      Shawna Bernard 21
Salvation                                                Michael Randolph 23
Fire for All Ills                                       Matthew Wilson 25
Steaks                                                     Guy Anthony De Marco 26
The Fall of the Feast                            Kevin David Anderson 27
Pest Management                                Robert Holt 29
Member of the Herd                           Guy Anthony De Marco 31
The Spirit of Pike Mountain              Vada Katherine 33
Chicken Candy                                     Michael Shimek 36
The Blue-Eyed Deal                            Greg McWhorter 39
“Farm Animals”                                   Tais Teng 42
The Horror at Engle Farm                Greg McWhorter 43
Some Pig                                               Ken MacGregor 50
Tater                                                      JP Gibbs 55
Scarecrow Night                                 Sheri White 60
Quarry                                                   Aaron Gudmunson 65
Redneck Meat Wagon                        Scathe meic Beorh 72
The Sköll and the Swine                     Suzie and Bruce Lockhart 80
Harvest of Night Seeds                       Rose Blackthorn 85
Between the Walls of Static               Jonathan Raab 92
Cornfields and Scarecrows                David Greske 104
It Was Askin’ fer a Whackin’             Chantal Boudreau 110
Necessary Cold Ruthlessness            Timothy Frasier 116
Mr. Snuffles Doesn’t Like You Very Much   Tony Wilson 128
Is It Ready Yet?                                    A.M. Saavedra 134
Milkshake                                              Andrew Freudenberg 140
The Three Little Piggs                         David Price 146
Puppies                                                  Rocky Alexander 158
En Masse                                               Christian Riley 165
Jackie Boy                                             Glenn Rolfe 175
Sanctuary                                              Brigitte Kephart 182
Justice                                                    Michael Randolph 189
Misery                                                    Kerry G.S. Lipp 194

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