Into the Dark with Rose Blackthorn

Rose Blackthorn:

A little background on the inspiration for my story In the Dark which appears in Sirens Call Publications latest anthology…

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With the release of our seventeenth anthology, we at Sirens Call Publications decided not to break tradition and asked all of the contributing authors in FEAR: Of the Dark to share the inspiration for their stories. Out of the nine authors whose tales lurk between the covers waiting to terrify you, seven took up the challenge of putting their fears into words. Next up we have Rose Blackthorn, author of In the Dark. But before we delve into what horrors hide in dark of her mind, let’s take a moment for everyone to get acquainted just a little more…

RoseBlackthorn 0207Rose Blackthorn lives in the high mountain desert of Eastern Utah with her boyfriend and two dogs, an Australian Shepherd mix called Boo and a Yorkie named Shadow. She spends her time writing, reading, being crafty, and photographing the surrounding wilderness. An only child, she was lucky enough to have…

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Microfiction Monday – Twelfth Edition

Rose Blackthorn:

The twelfth edition of Microfiction Monday Magazine is now live, and includes my 100 word story “Reset”. Go, check it out! Five stories total, with something for everyone.

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Special thanks to Jessica Standifird for her editorial assistance. This week’s artwork is by Marc D. Regan.


by Rose Blackthorn

“I don’t know why we have to…present our son to him,” Charley muttered. “It’s creepy!”
“He’s my great-grandfather; he’s very old,” Moira replied. “This is the first son born to his line. It’s a big deal.”
Charley sighed.
Cian MacRaith sat propped up in bed. He’d waited so long for this day, and he was running out of time.
“Great-grandfather,” Moira went to him, taking one parchment-dry hand. “Meet your great-great-grandson.”
“He’s healthy?” Cian asked hoarsely.
“Perfect!” Moira beamed.
Babe and old man locked gazes. When the old man collapsed, no one noticed the cold satisfaction in the child’s eyes.

The Clockmaker
by Nathan Hystad

The clockmaker squints through his looking glass. His ultimate work is almost done, and he revels in the intricate beauty of the cogs…

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The Best Of SpeckLit 2nd Quarter 2014 – Reader Choice Voting


I’ve got two stories in the running “Beginner’s Luck” and “Sacrifices” – take some time to go and read the stories and vote for your favorite three! 

Here’s the rules:

The Best of SpeckLit 2nd Quarter 2014

Enter the name of your top 3 stories in the spaces provided. To refresh your memory, you can visit any of them by clicking on the story title. Only one set of votes per email address allowed. Email addresses will not be used for any purpose other than to confirm the validity of the vote. At the end of the month, they will be discarded.

Another three months have passed and as of July 1st, SpeckLit started with a third round of authors and drabbles, meaning it’s time once again to celebrate the best stories that have appeared on the site from April to the end of June.

And this time there are more of them! In April we stepped up from publishing once every three days to every other day, bringing us to 14 authors and 46 stories.

And just like last time, we need help picking the best stories from the 2nd Quarter just as you did for the 1st Quarter.

We invite you to use the form below to vote on your top three stories. The winners will receive Amazon gift certificates. Votes must be received by the 31st of August. Winners will be announced the first week of September.

You can go here to read the stories and vote.

Ways Not to Start Your Morning… #37

Awakened by the dogs at 5:45 am, insistent that they must go out right now. Stumble to the back door, let them out. 5 minutes later, Boo-dog comes back in. No sign of Lil Bit. Return to the back door to find him pacing on the deck (he never does that). After a few reps, he sees me through the glass and comes in. It smells very skunky suddenly. And that’s when I realize the smell is coming from Lil Bit.

After chasing him down the hall and shooing him off my bed (where he has decided to try and rub the smell off on my blankets) I catch him and give him a bath. (He didn’t get sprayed by a skunk, thankyouthankyou, more like he found where one sprayed and kind of just strolled through the aftermath.) Freshly washed, towel dried (and air-dried from chasing him around with the towel) and I can finally go back to bed about 6:30. With a damp, restless furball curled up next to me.

Epilogue: finally dragged butt out of bed about quarter after 9, and went to put his collar back on… should’ve washed it this morning, too. Pee-yew!

Review of Seal Team 666, by Geno Mortensen

Seal Team 666 by Weston Ochse, reviewed by Geno Mortensen

I have a personally autographed copy of Seal Team 666 by Weston Ochse. I have read it once and I know that a review of it would be a great thing to do. This will not be an easy thing for me to do.
When I read the book, I got lost in the story. What I mean to say is, I felt like I was a part of the story. The things that were happening were going on around me. I was not just an observer. I was part of the fun and, sadly enough, confusion and chaos. There were times when I didn’t know the lingo that was being used, but it was explained to me.
Overall, I would recommend this book very highly to anyone. Especially anyone who has any kind of a military background.

Seal Team 666 is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound.

Breaking News-Seal Team 666


Another great review for Equilibrium Overturned…

THE HORROR BOOKSHELF just posted a wonderful review for the Grey Matter Press anthology Equilibrium Overturned.



EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED is the newest anthology from the stellar team at Grey Matter Press and focuses on stories that are a blend of horror, science fiction and dark fantasy… Choosing a favorite from this anthology is almost impossible.

“I have been raving about Grey Matter Press’ books for a while now on The Horror Bookshelf and that trend will continue with EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED. Grey Matter Press is hands down one of the best publishers of dark fiction and the quality of their books makes each one of them an absolute must-own.”

The reviewer goes on to single out some favorites, including “The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder” by Jeff Hemenway, “Martial Law” by JG Faherty, “Through the Ghostlands” by Rose Blackthorn, “Wombie” by Martin Slag, “The Alamo Incident” by Sean Eads and “Sunrise” by Tony Knighton.

Read the complete review at THE HORROR BOOKSHELF. And leave them a comment, sharing your thoughts.

All the contributors to EQUILIBRIUM OVERTURNED deserve the credit for this, the fifth bestselling volume of horror from Grey Matter Press in less than ten months. They include Jeff Hemenway, John Everson, JG Faherty, Rose Blackthorn, Geoffrey W. Cole, S.G. Larner, Martin Slag, Roger Jackson, Sean Eads,Stephen Vessels, Jay Caselberg, Tim Waggoner, Josh Vogt and Tony Knighton.

Equilibrium Overturned – New 5 Star Review at Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent as always!, July 15, 2014
This review is from: Equilibrium Overturned: The Heart of Darkness Awaits (Kindle Edition)
Equilibrium Overturned is another fine release from Grey Matter Press.  The opening story ‘The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder‘ sets the perfect tone for this book.  This story really turns you upside down, followed by Amnion which is a fantastic tale of the search for the fountain of youth.  Martial Law is chilling tale with a great twist to the usual Zombie fare.  One of my favorites is Through the Ghostlands by Rose Blackthorn.  She paints a chilling and bleak landscape and writes a great story.  The Collected Sylvia, Volumes 1 to 1388 is really unique and fun.  These five stories comprise the first third of Equilibrium Overturned and set the book off to an incredible start…
Check out the whole review here.